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We're not the only Legend of Zelda fan site out there. There's much, much more to see and sometimes it is a bit hard to locate them all. So we need you help. We are going to list every single site that applies, but your site must be hosted on your own "pay" server. Sites on a free-server will require closer scrutinty to ensure they are actual sites, not just forums, and that they are decent enough to be navigated by a fan with meaninfgul Content. If you wish to be added to our affiliates, or have an affiliate you want to add to us, please e-mail us. Please include an 88x31 button with your site URL.

If you wish to link to our site, you may use the following image:

And link to our site (

Run by my good friend, Ganon, this site has been around for quite awhile. It features a really good community and some great fan artwork, including a fan film project by Joe Morriss.

JC has been a longstanding member of my community, and yet he is still so young! His site is one of the better attempts at an upstart Zelda community and fan site, so check it out and support the younger fan.

Run by BobBond0011 (or David to those who know him), Zelda Domain is a British based Zelda fan site that was recently started in 2005, but it has a very nice layout and solid message board. This site is not to be mistaken with the US based Zelda Domain, run by Nathan Janc.

Nintendo Universe was created back in June of 2004 to help bring Nintendo Fans together and to give them a place to have fun on the net. One of the things I really strive to and want to happen is for us to give fellow Nintendo fans a place to find help, friends, and info on all things Nintendo. We have already begun to do this through offering 152 reviews and 29 previews and a wide selection of media.

Rauru's Return is an ever expanding website, surving thousands of visitors a month. Run by Archaic Sage, this is another fantastic Zelda fan site with something unqiue to offer. Harkinian, arguably the community's first "zine", is something every fan should check out at least once.

The Grand Adventures is one of those sites that really demonstrates what the older Zelda fans sites were made out of. Unlike today's sites which focus on functionality and professional designs, TGA pays tribute to the past with a site that's truly unique in style. Very focused on fan works and the community, and currently run by The Missing Link.

Though this isn't the original Hyrule: The Land of Zelda, Fury Three's revival is still packed with the sweet visuals you've come to expect. Very focused on community and fan works, especially supporting fan music projects like Zelda

Zelda Legends is probably the definitive Zelda fan resource on the net. Almost every textual resource is here, as well as translation guides and comparisons to many of the games to help the advanced fan better understand the series. It's currently run by Lord-of-Shadow, though Davogones still makes occassional updates.

Zelda Universe is the second biggest Zelda fan site on the internet, and it has gone through quite a lot of changes in recent years. Several new designs and several new webmasters since Anakin departed. Still, it has a huge active community and has a pretty comprehensive collection of basic Zelda info and fan works.

Zelda Infinite is run by Goddess Rinoa, and is actually a site I used to work on long ago. Though it has greatly changed from that simple site I once was apart of, it still has the same focus on unique fan works. While back then it was Zelda Classic, now it is the manga. You can find updates on translated manga there almost every week.

North Castle is the second oldest Zelda site I know of, and the oldest Zelda fan site still in existance today. Run by Juliet Singleton, this site is more centralized on the community and all things dealing with fan works, especially fan art and fiction. Please be respectful if you decide to join up here, it's a legacy site.

Brotherhood of the Underworld Monsters takes its name from the classic Zelda cartoon episode "Cold Spells", in which the phrase was born. If you don't get it, you can't call yourself a true Zelda fan. It's a wonderful mixture of old school Zelda and a bit of dark humor. Run by thebawp, aka the "other" Singleton sister, it's definately a cult favorite.

Zelda Blog is the brain child of The Missing Link, but it's really brought to life by various webmasters. While in reality it's just a place for webmasters to spill their guts about various Zelda topics, it's still a cool place to chat with them. They also have an awesome "Cucco" that you can mess around with too much, causing chaos to follow.

Ice's Zelda Central is the third oldest Zelda site I know of. If you have any issues with this site's past, I suggest you read their "Watch for Ice on Bridge" editorial - click on the hazard sign at the bottom of the page - to understand what really happened. Ice and Steve are trying to rebuild the site to bring it back to the top of the Zelda community where it once was and could be again.

Exploding Deku Nut is run by Darth Citrus and other wonderful staff members. They keep their site routinely updated and they have an awesome forum. Every year, EDN hosts the Golden Item awards, which are given out to excellent fan sites for content, design and creativity.

Jack runs The Desert Colossus, a very cool site with one of those older looking styles, yet it still reflects a modern tone. They have a lot of unique content, including an awesome text RPG forum and the Ask Ezlo column.

Dusk is a fansite devoted to the the Legend of Zelda video game series, specifically the upcoming title, The Twilight Princess. Dusk is primarily user driven - its purpose is found in being a channel for those who feel the fires of creativity burning within them and want to apply it towards the Zelda Universe. We're here to foster that creativity, hone it, and show it off to the world. But just because we are an outlet for fan-submissions doesn't mean that we lack quality control. Among our aims is to hold the Zelda fanbase to a higher level of quality, so if you don't make it first time - no worries. We'll do what we can to help you improve your works.

Zelda Insider is also a newcomer to the Zelda fan scene, but it has a slick layout and utilizes their content management system very well. They have frequent updates, an Ask Navi column, and they provide hosting for other sites. They also have an RPG in the works.

Founded back in 2001, The Zelda Chronicles was originally named TLoZHQ. The site has gone through just about six versions of layouts, but they've finally settled on a pretty good one. Frequent updates and a very nice message board await you here. is an established member of the Zelda community which has been around since 1999. Serving thousands of visitors each week they provide up to date news, gaming help and indepth information. Also they provide one of the most active zelda communities online and an extensive media center. Definatly a site to visit!

Zelda Dimension is a well-known Zelda site with a surprising look and fantastic staff. We encourage you to take a look at their Contact Us system, Great Sea Map for The Wind Waker (requires flash), Fan Art system, and their layout - all of which is something unique in the Zelda community. Of course, that's just the beginning of the future Zelda Dimension holds.

Hyrulian Legends was founded in 2003 and has progressed into a modern Zelda fan site. It has a clean design, nice integration with a CMS and a good Zelda feel. They also have a nice forum that's integrated with the site design, so be sure to check it out.