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Zelda Eye of the Storm
E3 is so close, yet it seems so far away. I honestly feel the same pain every fan who is obsessed with Twilight Princess is enduring now. When they delayed Twilight Princess, they might as well have also added “no new official information or media until next E3” as well. I’ve never seen anything like this before - an announced Nintendo game going MIA for nearly a year. Yet, here we are, no more than four weeks away from new information and media which may shed a light on the mystery that is Twilight Princess.

Trying to figure out what’s going on with Twilight Princess right now is about as challenging as trying to find a timeline theory without a loophole. You would be better off trying to convince the Zelda community Link belonged with one female over the others, without any flaming, than trying to get a new screenshot or official statement out of Nintendo.

Zelda Revolution
Expect to see a Zelda title on this bad boy sooner than you think.

Sure, several magazines and interviews have given us tidbits since the delay. NGC said it knew Twilight Princess was delayed solely for Revolution functionality. Reggie swore Twilight Princess was only for GCN, only to have Shigeru Miyamoto comment a few weeks later that Twilight Princess would work on Revolution. But it's all been chaotic and speculative, at best.


Where’s Aonuma in all this? Oddly silent. Game Developer’s Conference, which became the unofficial “give us new Zelda media during a drought” event, didn’t disappoint with new Zelda info, but it didn’t give us anything about Twilight Princess. Iwata spoke about Phantom Hourglass, and we saw a trailer. Many wondered why Nintendo revealed a brand new Zelda game at a typically non-press event (no cameras were allowed in, though nearly all sites covering it broke that rule). Was Nintendo trying to buy time?

Zelda E3 Expo


Fans are confused as to who is telling the truth, and who is lying. Interviews have been posted by Nintendo itself, only to mysterious be altered without warning (see the NOE interview with the Director of Marketing).


What’s going on?

Back last year, I wrote an article speculating on Link’s death in Twilight Princess. I thought this was the limit of Nintendo’s creativity to shock the world. It seemed inevitable, too. But that turned out to be way too obvious a theory, and it seems Nintendo threw everyone a curve ball.


Again, this is nothing but my personal hunch and speculation – so read into it no more than that.

I honestly believe Nintendo has a damn good reason for not only confusing us, but also for not revealing a single shred of new media in over half a year.

Twilight Princess is not coming out on GameCube.


Hold your horses. I know I am going to be accused of “flip flopping” on this situation, and will be called a hypocrite, but at least I am reverting to what I originally preached at the delay – why the hell would Nintendo delay a game to a point so close to Revolution’s launch if it was going to be on GCN? I originally created reasonable explanations ranging from having the game on two systems would ensure the highest sales to Nintendo really needed more time. Both are still applicable, but I wasn’t close enough.


Nintendo delayed Twilight Princess not only to use the controller, but to fully integrate the game as a Revolution only title to force everyone to buy a Revolution. Nintendo wanted to warrant the system change to consumers with new functionality on the Revolution controller, jaw-dropping visuals, and more memory space to create a massive game on scale with Ocarina of Time. This, my friends, is the absolute most logical answer I can think of, and according to Occam's Razor, all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one.


Does Nintendo really wants to risk putting this game on two systems? Does Nintendo want to confuse potential buyers into thinking it is still supporting a dying system? Does it want to waste resources on a game that could move a new console, rather than trying to add cheap tricks to make it have replay value on Revolution (but not necessarily swaying GCN owners to “Change the System”)?

What makes more sense?


That Nintendo is utterly confused about Twilight Princess, incapable of producing official news because it is developing the game to work only for GCN - and not to mention this game was a modified The Wind Waker engine product which has now been in development for three years - with possible Revolution functionality as a gimmick?


Or rather Nintendo knew damn well it was delaying Twilight Princess last fall because it knew it would move Revolution units, and then purposely refused to comment on any speculation about the delay, as well as refusing to release any new media because to do so what acknowledge the truth - the truth that as of the delay last year, Nintendo had no intention of putting this game on GCN.


This may sound like a big conspiracy theory, but then again, Nintendo is notorious for unimaginable situations. Screwing Sony over because they wanted more money? Losing Sqaure-Enix because of censorship and format issues? Destroying the most dominating gaming force and reducing it to a third tier competitor in the console race?


Believe me, putting TP onto Revolution after promising it on GCN is nothing compared to the blunders and shock stories of the past. Now I know people will point out how “damaging” this will be to Nintendo.

Give me a break.


Moving Twilight Princess to Revolution will force GCN owners who love Zelda (about all of them) to purchase the new system. Remember folks, Nintendo made us pay twenty bucks for NES games re-released on GBA, including the two NES Zelda titles, which you could have gotten for free bonus if you subscribed to Nintendo Power. Nintendo will milk every last item in their inventory to keep the company profitable while minimizing spending costs. It is what they do best. They've even admitted to doing it on Revolution with the Virtual Console! Why do you think they're not spilling the beans about the prices and format of getting these "older" games?


Everyone will buy Twilight Princess. If we are going to wait until near Revolution’s launch anyway, what would you rather do? Get Zelda on an older system, or get it on the newest system? This also means Zelda will be a launch title on Revolution, and if it really is for Revolution only, you can only imagine the legions of gamers who favor graphics and first-person gameplay that will convert to a Revolution over a PS3 or XBOX 360.


You want some more evidence? The day after Sony finally revealed it was in trouble with PS3, announcing the system was delayed until November, Shigeru Miyamoto publicly stated Twilight Princess would work on Revolution. Holding onto their cards, are they? Everyone seemed to know Nintendo would reveal the price or launch date of Revolution at GDC. Instead, we got the news that Sega and TGFX16 games would be downloadable via the virtual console.


Nintendo’s hiding something. Miyamoto even said so publicly – there is still one big surprise left surround Revolution.

- We’ve seen the controller.
- The launch and price range are very guessable from public statements.
- We know it can play older games, from Nintendo and other companies (so it is safe to assume any other developers from the past allowing games on the system is not very surprising anymore).
- We know it is backward compatible with GCN and will have a GCN like shell controller for people who don’t like the dual-controller setup or the Revmote.
- We know third party developers are crazy about this system, so we expect some big franchises to return with exclusive games (Square-Enix, Capcom, Konami).
- We know it has online ability, and that our favorite franchises are heading there (Smash Bros, Mario Kart).


Really, besides some really crazy thing, what’s left?

Your favorite game franchise of all time, is going to launch the new system.

That would be Zelda.

Perhaps that is too predictable. Perhaps that is too far-fetched.


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- Mike "TSA" Damiani is the Senior Editor and Owner of The Hylia.