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Author Topic: when is the psp nintendo 64 emulater going to work good?  (Read 2092 times)
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Sorry... What now?

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can we not discuss this? It seems blasphemous to do so.
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^lol. Just kidding, I've been waiting to use that for a while now. I also have a "the failure level of this thread is over 9000" image, but I thought this was more appropriate.

I assume you're talking about the quality of PSP N64 emulation in general. So I'll try to respond.

I have a friend at school who uses his PSP for emulation. So far, I've seen him run SM64, Startfox, and other noteable games. Overall the quality differs by game. The SM64 emulation he ran was the Japanese import. The main problem was choppiness in the framerat. When entering or exiting levels, there was noticeable slowdown present. Other than that, the other games he played ran good, but with some minor errors.

So I'd say that the emulator works pretty darn good from what I've seen. So, that's really the answer to your question. If you want something better...stick to your PC emulators. Again, nothing's perfect.

can we not discuss this? It seems blasphemous to do so.
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No discussions on emulation or roms of any type are allowed on this forum. It could lead to our forums being shut down. Don't do that.

Also this isn't gamefaqs. Don't start a topic with just "Topic" and expect people to know what you are talking about. Put more effort into your post.

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