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  Home | News | Fake TP Screen, New Tetris DS Footage

A few days ago, posted an "exclusive" screen shot of Twilight Princess apparently from the working copy of the game. After asking people to submit their thoughts for a few days, revealed the image was a hoax. Sorry to anyone who got their hopes up. In good news, a video of the Zelda Mission Mode for Tetris DS surfaced.
The screen in question can be seen below. Sadly, people went to great lengths to investigate the picture to see if it revealed new information or details. People used all sorts of tools to analyze the picture, apparently discovering stuff about the contents behind the doorway, the torches, and Link's shield. Yet, all of this apparently was in vane. claims the hoax was to get Zelda fans to realize that we're too obsessed with the game, craving new information, and you only saw in the screen what you wanted to see.

Pretty convincing, but it was merely elaborate Photoshop work.

While I agree that we're all starving for information, I strongly oppose the methodology took with this report. I'm sure they will learn their lesson with the backlash that will come with their next update, but I am also sure they won't lose any sleep over it because they usually cite official sources on news reports - this one did not have a specific source. So, in a week or so, most people will forget about this and move on. If anyone brings it up, sure people will doubt future breaking news, but once they give a source and it checks out, they'll be fine. Still, again, I strongly oppose creating a hoax for any purpose (except the one I'm concocting now for April Fools - hint). Perhaps this screen would have been better suite for then?
There's also a new video that surfaced from Tetris DS. A leaked video by a person who is currently with a working copy for the purpose of preview coverage was first put on We've obtained the original file, but we cropped it and compressed it to suit our needs. Unfortunately I am awaiting a package with my older files which have my Sony software on them, but for now DivX is the best option I had and so you will need some form of the Divx coded to view it.
In other news, brand spanking new Zelda information and media is on the way. Yes, we've been informed by several sources that upcoming features in EGM, Nintendo Power and international publications will report on their upcoming play test with the latest version of Twilight Princess which will take place later on this year (but before E3). Also, everyone is speculating GDC will reveal some new media, probably a trailer or screens. We can only hope Mr. Iwata will give us something.
Source: | Video: Here