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We didn't listen. Not to the complaints of fans (and other webmasters) when they told The Hylia we should ask the Old Man to be more well behaved. This installment includes all the great rants and raves you've come to expect from the Old Man. Besides, where else are you going to get your gossip fix for this week in the Zelda community?
I'm sick of... The facade going on with several webmasters. I understand fans have every right to make a "fan site" and do whatever they want with it. I'm not like TSA who feels fans need to have a specific purpose to better the entire community before they start up a site. However, I do feel there are several sites who have webmasters who are kidding themselves. Before I decide to give my rant, let me first praise those who deserve it. Last week I praised The Missing Link for Zelda Blog. I also need to applaud Archaic Sage and his team at Rauru's Return for there exceptional installments of "Harkinian". I also love reading the newest installments of Louisa's own Zelda comic at Indie Zelda. Yes, I even love how Zelda Universe and Zelda Legends are letting newcomer staff join up and make a difference. But recently there was an argument between TSA and a certain staff member of another site which prompted me to just lose it.

TSA's girlfriend is hot. It's just not fair. Not fair she's not with me.

While TSA was being arrogant as usual, the other person, though it was his forum, stepped out of line and just completely derailed the otherwise peaceful thread just to get in a shot. Quite frankly, it's disgusting when other people have to personally attack others because they feel insecure about their status. If you want to have all this attention, you need not but take it for yourself. It's right there. Hard work and some free time can get you your own site, and passion and will will earn you a reputation. But these bandwagon hoppers and naysayers need to stop. If you have to attack others to establish your credibility, then you're worthless.
To Bonus or Not To Bonus... Ever since Reggie said at E3 2005 there would be a "super premium" edition of Twilight Princess, fans have been wondering what the heck he meant. One site reported there would be two versions of Twilight Princess, but I find that highly unlikely. Some suggest there would be a bonus soundtrack CD, a DVD about the "making of the game", or an book containing artwork for the game. Personally, I'd like a limited edition metal case with a Triforce on it. My friend thought eight lucky folks should get pieces of the Triforce, and they'd have to reunite it peacefully...or unlock a special prize.

What's going on in Hyrule... New interview in Nintendo Power is about the highlight of the new Zelda information. The interview with Takumi Kawagoe reveals a potential spoiler (if true). Takumi Kawagoe comments on the potential for a happy ending for Zelda and Hyrule. Nintendo unveiled its official Q1 2006 release schedule, and not surprisingly Twilight Princess is absent. That's because Twilight Princess won't come out until after Fiscal Year 2006, which ends March 31st, 2006. That happens to be the end of Q1 2006 on the standard North American calendar. I expect a Q2 release date, sooner rather than later.
Putting Out An APB For ... Attrox, the former webmaster of The Great Deku Tree. Even though the site is gone, I haven't seen the guy for nearly a year now. Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough.
Webmaster who gets to ride Epona to work... Archaic Sage and the Rauru's Return team, for their great new installment of Harkinian which is the best Zelda "zine" on the web.
Webmaster who should hide out in the Evil Jar... Mighty Dekunut, webmaster of, for publishing a fake review of the Zelda Cartoon DVD set and cropping an IGN photo as their "proof" they had the product. They also claimed they had the product two weeks before release.


Do you know about Zelda Classic?
If so explain all FAQs about it and here is a link and click on forums and Click on Armageddon Games Forums or something that says something like that then click on Newbie Forum then, click on the FAQs and read the first message completely.
- F3

Yes, I know about Zelda Classic. I went to the thread you said, but I'm not sure what I am looking for. I'm not going to sit here and explain to you the on them and check them out yourself.

What do you think the chances are of Nintendo releasing a Twilight Princess demo for
My Nintendo or Nintendo Power subscribers? What other legal means are there of
obtaining it, if any?
- Allen Boone

Not likely. Not giving the public a hard copy in any format in this instance creates more desire and demand. Right now, the majority of fans do not know what Twilight Princess plays like, and the sole reputation of the game is what is selling it. If the demo has flaws or gives off negative vibes, some people may be turned off. Sure, how could a Zelda demo turn fans off...but you don't understand there just is no reason why Nintendo has to do it except to make some fans mad about the delay happy. But did we get any demos of Ocarina of Time back in the day after the delays? Do Final Fantasy XII fans get demos of the game for waiting so long now? What about Half-Life 2? It's just not worth it for Nintendo to do. And there is no legal means of obtaining a copy unless you are on Nintendo's payroll as a game developer or tester.

What ever happened to the Hottest Female Zelda fan contest? I'm just curious.
- That Yi Girl

A girl named Kaelyn won. Unfortunately, I lost the pic in the server transfer. Her copy of the Zelda DVD mailed out yesterday I believe (DVD Planet had some issues). Hopefully she gets it this week. Thanks for all the entries, though.

Old Man I was wondering if you knew why Nintendo seems to have such an obsession with Tingle because he seems to be showing up a lot more than is wanted by most Zelda fans.
- Mark Zirkelbach

Tingle is a big deal in Japan. His catch phrase is actually a play on words of a common saying in Japan, and the fact that Tingle claims it is "his" phrase is supposed to be a big inside joke in Japan. However, I think Tingle RPG is just trying to cater to a Japanese audience which has a small cult following of Tingle. He is not going to appear in Twilight Princess I believe, so fans probably won't have any hint of the "fairy" factory in the highly anticipated title.

In twilight princess can you play as the mysterious character Midna without Link as a wolf?And if so what happens to the pregnet lady? does Link help her have her baby?
- One Jump Shot

I believe you do not play as Midna without Wolf Link in the picture, but you do play as Wolf Link without Midna. I do not know if this is a spoiler, but in the Twilight Princess demo at E3 2005, after Link, Colin and Ilia were ambushed in that pond, Link comes to his senses and races back to the village. But the village is engulfed by the "twilight". Not sure what happens after that for sure...

Does Link have any hobbies? If he does, does he skate? And if he does skate, can I join him? You can come too. We'll go to the mall and buy some cake. And Pork chops. And eat them. Then Ollie over the shop keeper dudes. Oh, it'll be ever so fun.
- A guy you may not know, Lynkx

Link likes to do many things in his spare time, like harassing Cuccos and practicing his archery and sword play. But I don't think Link likes skating. He has a hard enough time navigating icy platforms in Zelda games. So, I think Link and I will have to pass on the offer.

Okay, so many people have been talking about the Revolution controller to swing your sword around and such, a good idea indeed, but I have one question. What would one do should you decide to put your sword away? I often put my sword away, and while actually swinging the controller like a sword is very appealing, I don't see it being too practical unless the make Zelda a 1st person game.
- Alicia Harris

I'm not sure if you have to sheathe your sword through a motion with the Revolution controller. Perhaps you could just push a button? While a first person Zelda might be too radical (though Metroid seemed to adapt well to it), I can definitely see the Revolution Zelda title utilizing first person modes. Perhaps you just move in third person as usual, but when you have to fight, you go into first person mode? That would be pretty cool.

A long time ago, Nintendo released Zelda: Minish Cap in Europe. For once, it was released in Europe before it was released in USA, and Nintendo said that because of the waiting, the American version would get something extra.I´ve searched for what the extra was, without finding it, so exactly what was the extra that would be added in the American version? I´ve mailed Nintendo of America and asked, but they don´t know, since they does´nt have the European version of the game...
Thanks for taking your time.
- Foppe

There was no bonus. If anything, the European version had the "bonus". The EU version had harder bosses. The North American version did have touched up dialogue and some small "annoyances" removed (involving the Trophy side-quest, like the animation sequence to wait to see what the egg hatched from, and being able to just touch the "switch" to try again versus talking to the guy over and over).

Where is the [Zelda manga] on zelda infinite old man?
- Nay Nay

Try clicking here.

Closing thoughts... Is anyone else sick of Twilight Princess' hype dying out and Nintendo not doing anything about it? One has but to go by the GameFAQs boards to tell how bad it is. The TP boards (Social and General), averaged about 10,000 messages at all times from May until around the end of July. Every month, it drops another 1000. Right now, it's around 4000, but usually is closer to 3000. I think after Nintendo DS WiFi is underway in the next month, Nintendo will turn its focus to Revolution and Twilight Princess in January with some info.
Did you know... Cynthia Preston, the voice of Princess Zelda from the original cartoon series, was Canadian? Additionally, she had a role on the first year of "General Hospital" in 1963.
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