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Zelda no Video Documentary
After having several failed attempts at subtitling the "Zelda no Video" documentary on The Legend of Zelda series, I have finally resorted to going to a wider audience than just Zelda fans. Also, because not everyone can download the file I put up, I have also decided to take the following action; I've put onto Google Video the entire "Zelda no Video" documentary for everyone to view and perhaps to help translate.
This documentary was actually released in a very primitive form on VHS back in 2000, but it was later expanded into the final version it is seen here, which was first made available on DVD in Japan prior to The Wind Waker's release there. This documentary is courtesy of Nintendo Company, Limited and Enterbrain! Entertainment. It is roughly an hour and twenty minutes long, and is all in Japanese.

From what I know about it thanks to the limited translations, it features commentary on each release by the Zelda team and some Capcom members. There's a good portion of commentary from Eiji Aonuma, and a big interview with Shigeru Miyamoto at the end of the video. There's also some cool music and a lot of interesting things said from what I was told about the first twenty minutes. There's also the reaction to the unveiling of "Celda".
Not to spoil too much, though, wait until after the credits for a little special something. Please remember, this video was put online by myself, and I would really appreciate anyone using it give us credit for it, and try to push the localization/translation of the video. We'd love to see this translated so everyone can fully enjoy it!
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