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  Home | News | Massive Tingle RPG Update

Zelda: Tingle RPG Update
Late last night, NeoGAF had a member of their forums post a scan of new Tingle RPG information in the newest Weekly Famitsu issue. Additionally, Nintendo Company, Limited, launched the official Tingle RPG microsite for the game, although it was only reached through a secret "Tingle puppy" icon on the bottom left of the home page.
Starting with the new scan from Weekly Famitsu, the following information is made known (and some of this comes from the previous scan, but nobody actually translated it as accurately as my friend did). The game starts off with an average man who encouters a character who's name literally tranlates to Rupee Gramps, which IGN then assumed was Old Man Rupee.

Zelda: Tingle RPG
Timeline theorists will have fun with this image.

Rupee Gramps offers the man a chance to get into Rupee Land, which attracts the middle-aged man. After the man agrees to Rupee Gramps' deal, he uses magic to transform the main character into Tingle. The magic also will cause Tingle to die if he loses all his rupees. In one of the new screens in the new scan, Tingle tosses rupees into a pond, which then makes that tower appear. Land of the Legend claims the main character's name is "Oge", but according to all scans and sites presented to my friend, who is the most well-known translator in the community, Tingle is actually a nameless character and assumes the role of Tingle only through the magic placed upon him from Rupee Gramps.
Pinkle is also just a random character at the moment, who aids Tingle through his "computer" (modern technology in a Zelda game, huh?). Tingle's adventures are solely controlled through the use of rupees. Performing tasks costs rupees, people sometimes need to borrow rupees, and advancing to new areas or using new items costs rupees. It could be speculated that Tingle has to help out people, much like in Majora's Mask, in order to reach Rupee Land, or else he has to collect as many rupees as possible to make the tower "grow" tall enough to reach Rupee Land in the sky.

Zelda: Tingle Manga
The Hylian says "Tingle Manga".

In addition to the new scan, the official microsite for Tingle RPG has launched, which usually signals a near launch. The site is basically just an interactive Flash/Shockwave game which has you navigate around Tingle's home and interact with certain things. I'm not sure if you can "beat" it or get to something, as I think I've tried about everything, but you can die. I personally think the site is incomplete, so we will have to wait and see.
I'd like to apologize for getting this info so late - I know I went around all over every board last night posting this information everywhere I could, but I was stuck at work and I am dead tired still, and thus I couldn't update as I had no acess to the site from work. So, late is better than never! Anyway, to access the microsite, click on the icon in the bottom right of the main site area, below the button.
Source: Weekly Famitsu | NCLMedia
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